Naming ceremonies, re-affirmation of wedding vows and commitment ceremonies

Naming Ceremonies

A naming ceremony is an opportunity to welcome your child into your family and the wider community and to publicly pledge your love and support to them. It is an alternative to a religious christening or baptism.

Naming ceremonies can also be used as a celebration of adoption or to welcome step-children into an extended family unit. Children of any age may have a naming ceremony.

The ceremony may take place at any of the following types of venues:

  • Register Offices
  • Hotels
  • Village halls
  • Your home
  • Private clubs

Ceremonies usually last 20 minutes, during the ceremony parents state their love and commitment to their child and any other special hopes for the future. You can choose to have specific readings, poetry, music or a symbolic gesture, like lighting a candle or planting a tree during the ceremony or you can create your own special way to symbolize this special moment.

Recommended reading: A great guide is “Ceremonies & Celebrations” by Dally Messenger

Re-affirmation of marriage vows

A ceremony for married couples who wish to celebrate their marriage, renewing their commitment to each other, reflect on their achievements and acknowledge the family that surround them.

The ceremony gives a focus to your celebrations and an opportunity to renew your marriage vows or make fresh promises to one another.

Couples often choose to celebrate at key times in their married lives, on special anniversaries or birthdays. A re-affirmation ceremony may be an opportunity to confirm your love and commitment after a particularly difficult time or illness.

Couples who marry abroad may choose to re-affirm their marriage vows here in the company of their family and friends.

Any couple can celebrate at any stage in their marriage from newly wed to diamond celebration. The selection of words for the ceremony are designed to suit all circumstances so that you can develop a ceremony appropriate to your needs.

Commitment Ceremony

A Commitment Ceremonies caters for couples of the same sex to make a public declaration of their life-long commitment, love and dedication.

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